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iOM specialises in carrying out Inventory Risk Assessments and has developed unique and proven Inventory Risk Mitigation processes to align with organisations’ Operations, Marketing, and Financial objectives.

Based in Australia, iOM acts as a long-term business partner with its clients to achieve operational efficiencies, cost reduction, organisation realignment and successful change management.

iOM uses iL-AO, a standalone cloud-based application software developed by iOM, to ensure the clients’ Inventory and Logistics decision making processes are managed efficiently. Encompassing contemporary methodology of Inventory Management, Operations and principles of Marketing, iL-AO ensures the organisation follows formalised processes and guidelines, resulting in significant productivity efficiencies, cost reduction and a seamless customer experience.


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iOM Business Solutions

Not all businesses have the right infrastructure, contemporary business techniques and advisory support in place.

iOM provides business services related to Inventory Risk Management and Operational efficiencies without increasing resources for clients. Businesses can avoid the ongoing training and wages costs of engaging an employee to manage inventory.

Business will be able to focus on core competencies and managing strategic activities, while outsourcing Inventory Risk Management and Inventory Risk Mitigation to competent and cost-effective business partner iOM Business Solutions.