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iOM is a Business Solutions provider, enabling businesses to align their Marketing and Operations objectives to enhance delivery performance of goods with optimal investment in Inventory and Logistics costs.  Specialising in strategic inventory Management, Operations & Marketing, iOM acts as a long-term business partner to achieve operational efficiencies, cost reduction, organisation realignment, change management, establish processes & procedures and process audits.

Based in Australia, iOM offers businesses a powerful web-based Application Software iL-AO (inventory & Logistics – Analytics & Optimisation) to manage Inventory and Logistics decision making process efficiently.


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iOM Business Solutions

Business will benefit by focusing on core competencies and managing strategic activities; outsource other business activities to competent and cost-effective business partner iOM Business Solutions.

Virtual provider of business services related to Inventory Management, Operations and Marketing without increasing resources.

Not all businesses have the right infrastructure, deeper understanding of contemporary business techniques, advisory support, discipline and accountability in place.